In the Pits? Try God!

A friend is in the pit or maybe it is you. No matter, try God first. When that doesn’t seem to work, try Him again and again and again! The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much so says, Elijah! He is right! Does King David agree? Read on:

Psalm 40 “When in the Pit, Reach out to God”

ps 40 prayers from the pit.2ajpg

We all have those pit days when all of life seems to come to a grinding halt and you are reaching out for any solution to take the pain of the pit away. David says he completely relied upon the Lord—then! But, we know that he didn’t always and we don’t either. We seek the surest, quickest and easy solution to our pit problem but David’s advice is completely right. Prayers in the pit are the solution that keeps on giving, to quote a recent commercial, but it might not be quick, or easy. In fact, it may take you on a circuitous route before that solution is available or even noted. Remember the Israelites? God’s timing is not ours nor should it be. He is sovereign and knows the right time or solution.

Follow David’s advice, rely completely on the Lord. He will turn to you and hear your cry for help. He will lift you up and place you on a sure footing—when you least expect it. What we can pray is for God to heal us so we can praise Him where others hear and they turn to Him.

Beloved, we are praying for those of you who are in the pit. We may not know or understand your circumstance but prayer is what we can offer.


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