Be Impartial

James 2 See with Jesus Eyes  When I grew up, I was faced with prejudice and all its faults. I was forbidden to have interactions with those of another race and another ethnic background. I found it hard to understand but found that little by little those factors crept into my thinking. So, when God […]


Phil 1 The Judaizers in Philippi sought to undermine and close Paul’s ministry down, but God had more plans for this fledging ministry. If it wasn’t for Lydia washing the purple cloths at the riverside, and the jailer who asked Paul how to be saved, the church would not even begun! How often do the […]

Fruitful or Fruitless?

2 Peter 1 How is your life going today my friend? Are you experiencing fruit both in your own life and in the life of others? If you feel you are lagging, take heart and listen to Simon Peter who was witness of our Lord’s transfiguration on the mountain. It helps to listen to the […]

True Contentment

1 Timothy 6 We live in a materialistic society. We are bombarded with ads for this and that supposedly because we need it to be contented. But, if you read history and the biographies of rich men, you will find that they were not contented. Rockefeller when asked what would make him contented, he answered, […]

Multi-generational relationships

1 Timothy 5 As in the time of Timothy, so today we have multi generational groups which require wisdom and patience. Paul’s wisdom to Timothy is to be wise in word and deed to those who are older, yet sometimes can be challenging to the young. Proverbs reminds us that gray heads, as my granddaughter […]