Acts18 Always as I read this chapter, I am touched by the gift that Apollos brought to others. Dr. Luke writes: When he arrived, he assisted greatly those who had believed by grace.  [Acts 18:27] Did he have a Bible study? Did he pray with them? What did Apollos do that assisted these believers? Further, what […]

The Work has just begun…

In Acts 28, we find that God may have allowed the loss of the cargo, but He preserved the precious souls just as Paul had said to those accompanying him: “Do not be afraid, Paul! God has graciously granted you the safety of all who are sailing with you.” On the island of Malta, Paul […]

A Role Model

Acts 18 Description of ApollosCharacter studies help us to learn how to interact with others. Apollos is an excellent example of someone who was fearless when he talked about Jesus. He listened carefully to Priscilla and Aquila and had a teachable spirit, for he did not know the whole story about Jesus and His resurrection. […]

Doomsayers Depart!

Amos 6-9 Do you say, but I am only x, y, z? Do you not think that if God can use a sheepherder, He can use you? Or do you listen to the doomsayers who say, leave us; take your message to other people? Amos faced such backlash in Israel, which was not his home […]

Lessons from a Sheepherder

Amos 1 to 5 You may be like some who relate more to Amos, the humble Sheepherder from Tekoa, than someone who wears their Ph.D. on their sleeve.  Case in point, some years ago, I encountered a pastor who reminded me that he was to be called Dr. Jones.  Some unbelievers react that way when […]

The Practical Side of the Gospel

Rom. 11 to 13 Do you want others to come to know Jesus? Then live and share the gospel practically, beginning with being humble. You have a gift that the unbeliever needs and your attitude reveals the truth of what you say you are. Paul says to present your bodies a living sacrifice because that […]

One Drink…that changed a life forever

John 4 Jesus “had” go through Samaria, not because of expediency but because His Father had ordained a divine opportunity to meet the Samaritan woman. As she and Jesus interacted, He revealed, as she said later: “who told me everything I ever did.” Leaving her water pot at the well, she told the city residents, […]