Phil 1 The Judaizers in Philippi sought to undermine and close Paul’s ministry down, but God had more plans for this fledging ministry. If it wasn’t for Lydia washing the purple cloths at the riverside, and the jailer who asked Paul how to be saved, the church would not even begun! How often do the words of Joseph come ringing back: what you meant for evil, God meant for good. 

Thanks be to God for His provision of Paul’s message which pricked their hearts and a “baby” church was begun. But, it wasn’t long after that, that the jealous Jews began a campaign to shut Paul and his band of faithful disciples down. They had to leave Philippi, but the seed began to bear fruit and Paul is beyond joy as he hears about their ministry. Thus, he wrote them an encouraging letter and we have it so we can also rejoice in this church and their testimony to those who do not know Christ. It sets our hearts yearning to one day meet these two faithful believers who “hung in there” even with the hate filled jealousy of the Jews. 

Hate is a four letter word as is the word love. The Jews hated Paul but Paul and his ‘band of merry men’ loved on the Philippians and that is a model for us. 

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