Halloween or Reformation Day?

It seems that our world is head over heels in love with Halloween to the point that you can go to almost any store and find all kinds of paraphernalia. Halloween has become big business and the merchants are using their “trick or treat” to drain our pocketbooks and fill theirs. If you have looked […]

 “The Word of God is Powerful”

Bible history is fascinating and teaches us many practical as well as spiritual lessons. The prophet Nahum was sent to encourage the kingdom of Judah as they were being assaulted by the Assyrians. In particular it was the king of Nineveh who was brutal. If you think ISIS is brutal, you “ain’t seen nothing yet.” In […]

“I Have Plenty of Time”

Nahum 2: Eternity is Just Around the Corner Our world is consumed with “fluff” meaning that which is without substance. It wants what “feels good.”  The city of Nineveh was like that; trusting in its captured riches at the expense of others. Like Nineveh, today when we speak to others of the goodness, holiness and […]

The Heart of God

Have you ever felt your heart so sad that you thought it would break? This is what Jeremiah faced for five full chapters. That is why, as Jeremiah, we begin to wonder—-is there any good news? Is it all bad news? And there right front and center we see the heart of God. Jer 5:1 […]

Read Jeremiah 2 and 3 “Then and Now”

Ever hear:  “I don’t want you and I don’t need you?” Devastating words that creep into your soul and you say how did it come to this? What did I do to deserve these words spat out at me? This is where God is in chapters 2 and 3. God asks; what have I done […]

Tough Times Calls for Tough Messages

We know that Facebook users love, love, love pictures. Why? Because a picture is worth a thousand words. And Why do people love to switch churches? They don’t want to be told: you are a sinner! They want their ears tickled so they feel good when they leave church. People don’t like a preacher or […]

Jeremiah 1 “What’s Your Excuse?”

In chapter 18 of Jeremiah we read that the Master Potter forms and uses the clay to form perfect vessels, of whom we are. You are God’s chosen vessel. God is a promise keeper to equip us for the task.  But, like Jeremiah and Moses (see Exodus 4) we come up with all kinds of […]

Think About It—-

2Corinthians 13 “Do I Have to?” When children are being disciplined they are often sent to their rooms to “think about it.” Paul is saying to his beloved Corinthian children to think about their faith and their character as a child of God. A child is still a parent’s child but they are to think […]

Contentment is a Learned Exercise

I have struggled with what Paul wrote to the Philippians when he wrote: “I have learned to be content in any circumstance…I have learned the secret of contentment.” How does one “learn” contentment? I think I found the clue here in 2Corinthians 12. The background: Some spiritually proud “super apostles” sought to lead the Corinthians astray. […]