Read Jeremiah 2 and 3 “Then and Now”

Ever hear:  “I don’t want you and I don’t need you?” Devastating words that creep into your soul and you say how did it come to this? What did I do to deserve these words spat out at me? This is where God is in chapters 2 and 3. God asks; what have I done that you have chosen to dismiss Me out of your life? You were devoted to Me in our early years of our courtship. You had loved Me just like a new bride.

That was then.

This is now the new reality. You do not even ask where is the Lord? Even your priests who are responsible to teach the Law do not know me or ask this question. What happened? Was it something I said or did? These are the questions that come to mind when someone blatantly pierces our hearts.

God says you are like broken cisterns. The true Living Water is available but you have come to the cistern, looked away and said; I have my own shovel and will dig my own. Audaciously and coyly you say to God; isn’t it right that you are a forgiver of sins and gracious beyond all that I can understand? And yet, your words are words of a faithless child because you go your wayward ways. It was only pretend. Jesus charged the Church at Ephesus with losing their first love and this is the message God sent through Jeremiah.

God is pleading; return to me. Be truthful and honest. Break your rebellious ways and I will be a Father to you once again. Will you heed God’s pleading?

Listen to this youtube video and ask where you are: still stuck in the then or moved forward to the now.

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