“I Have Plenty of Time”

Nahum 2: Eternity is Just Around the Corner Our world is consumed with “fluff” meaning that which is without substance. It wants what “feels good.”  The city of Nineveh was like that; trusting in its captured riches at the expense of others. Like Nineveh, today when we speak to others of the goodness, holiness and […]

Psalm 19-20 “God in all of His Glory!”

Dr. Henry Morris in reflecting on this psalm wrote: “The 19th psalm is one of the most magnificent writings in the Bible and indeed in all literature. Charles Spurgeon also in reflecting wrote: “Any book without its first page would be sadly imperfect, and especially the great Natural Bible, since its first pages, the sun, […]

Psalm 108 “When Morning Gilds the Skies”

What was your morning like today? Did you wake up chipper and raring to go or dragging? How do you begin your day, with or without a time alone with God? King David was both a morning person and also a night owl. Although busy with kingdom issues, David found time to be alone with […]

Soar Like the Eagle!

A good question to ask oneself might be: Where am I today in my spiritual walk? Have I stopped to thank God for His many provisions of blessings?  In Psalm 102 we find that the psalmist is “in the pits.”  The psalmist  visualizes life alone, life without hope. “I am like an owl in the […]

How Do You Worship?

One of the greatest compliments ever paid to Christianity in the first century is that believers’ lives were so changed from the inside out that they turned the world upside down. Is that what the world says about us or do we fade into the background? If ever there were two psalms that should ignite […]

It is Fitting…and no this is not about clothes!

How fitting to follow Romans 11 with  Psalm 92 and 93  which teach us much about humility, about the Creator, the Sovereign One in all of His fullness, and His work. The psalmist says it is fitting (it is a beautiful thing, it is a good thing) that we should give thanks to the Lord […]

Revenge or Forgiveness ..Your Choice

Psalm 69 is one of the three most quoted psalms in the NT in reference to “The Messiah.”  (e.g. Those who hate me without cause [Jn 15:25], vinegar to drink [Matt 17:48]. Thus it is fitting that we walk through this psalm as part of our study in the book of Matthew about our True […]