I just can’t understand it …

Are those your words when you are flummoxed by an unbeliever who can’t or won’t believe in Jesus? Keep reading. 2Cor 3 Understanding Unbelievers— One of the hardest things for a believer to understand and recall is how they were before they met Christ. Once spiritually alive all thoughts turn to share Him with those […]

Purity? Righteousness? Where does the Church stand?

1Cor 5-6 Today’s society is attempting to teach us that there is no right or wrong but what feels good.  As a result we are seeing the decline of the church in the areas of purity and holiness. Like today, the Corinthian church had a serious problem. As a church they had failed to discipline the […]

Help the Weak

Romans 15 Wisdom James reminded his readers about two kinds of wisdom, earthly and heavenly. Wisdom requires not just input of facts but also the practical outworking of that in us for many reasons such as being the shepherds, the ones who live out Christ to and before others. Paul has spent the greater part […]

Peace & Perspective

Romans 12:18 It’s All About Perspective Paul reminds the Romans reading his letter: If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all people. What if you are finding the situation in which you are nearly impossible? What do you do then? First, you return to his words at the beginning of this chapter: I exhort you or I […]