Welcome to Bible Reading 2020

Welcome to 2020! We begin again at the beginning, Genesis 1 -2. I am thrilled you have chosen to follow my page and to read along with me. Let’s get started: Please take your Bible and read the first two chapters of Genesis 1 & 2. Stop and ask: What stands out to you? What is […]

Closing out the Old, In with the New!

  A New Name and a Banquet: Revelation 19-22 A bride and groom take a vow to be faithful ‘until death do us part.’ John uses an earthly picture of what lays ahead for believers at the wedding banquet of the Savior and His bride. Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God. […]

The Most Important Thing

Seeing Christ both now and in the future—Revelation 9-12 Scholars often remind us that Revelation is a book that is both confusing and yet enlightening. It drifts from the present to the future and back to the past. Some scholars see it as books of imagery and others see it as literal. The Holy Spirit […]

Imagine Looking into Heaven!

Looking into Heaven: Rev 4 to 8 A special friend just passed away and although we mourn her loss we can’t but think that she is now able to see. Her blindness has been removed and before her she sees what she had only heard each day as she listened to scripture.  Just as John […]

Finishing out 2019

It is fitting as we draw to a close this year to finish our daily reading in the Book of the Revelation. As we leave this year may we consider that the focus is always the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. As John fittingly wrote: Blessed is the one who reads […]

The Heart of Compassion

Advent Series 1John 3 to 5 “The Gift of Compassion” Compassion is the trait of sharing and caring for others in their time of need. The Apostle John lived his last years in Ephesus but his heart is seen for those less fortunate, like the prisoners he ate, slept and worked with on the Isle […]

The Christmas Gospel

Advent Series: 1John 1-2 The Gospel Message The Apostle John has authored five books in the NT. He was a fisherman that left all to follow Jesus. He also was the one and only disciple to not have been martyred in the first century. He was given the privilege, unlike the other 11 apostles, to […]

Do you have a Christmas Heart?

Advent Series: 1Peter 3 to 5 Do you have a Christmas Heart? Are you busy untangling Christmas lights, shopping and wrapping gifts for others? There are only a few days left to prepare! Beyond that busyness are you taking time to read and meditate on the words of scripture that your heart might be prepared […]

The Prophets of Old tell of Messiah

Advent Series: 1Peter 1&2 The Prophets of Old Imagine being called a prophet and then recording what the Spirit told them. The prophets of old “who predicted the grace that would come to you searched and investigated carefully. They probed into what person or time the Spirit of Christ within them was indicating when he […]

The Peace that Passes all Understanding

Advent Series: James 3 “The Peace that Passes all Understanding” As Dr. Luke recorded the advent series which he relayed to Theophilus, the words we have come to memorize and repeat are what the shepherds heard that night so long ago. It was as if God’s spoken promise to Abraham came to life:  all nations […]