Worship the Giver of Sight

John 9-10:21 Yesterday, I asked what you would see or hear if you could be a fly on the wall. Today in our reading, as we meet a man blind from birth, the disciples ask who caused this blindness. Although the blind man could not see their reactions, he could hear their question. Has anyone […]

Welcome to Bible Reading 2020

Welcome to 2020! We begin again at the beginning, Genesis 1 -2. I am thrilled you have chosen to follow my page and to read along with me. Let’s get started: Please take your Bible and read the first two chapters of Genesis 1 & 2. Stop and ask: What stands out to you? What is […]

And There was LIGHT!

May 8th Ps 43 “Light” The psalmist prayed “O send out your light and your truth” and God answered. He sent the Light of the World to illumine the darkness of men’s souls that they might be see and be redeemed. God sent forth the Way, the Truth and the Life that men might come […]

Piercing the Darkness

Frank Peretti may have written a novel titled “Piercing the Darkness” but in Mark chapter 5 we experience this first hand.     If there is one thing that Jesus is an expert at it is this: do NOT waste a teachable moment! We would do well to glean from this chapter just how he […]

The Time is Now!!!

Clara Scott authored the hymn “Open my eyes that I May See”. The first stanza reads as : “Open my eyes, that I may see, glimpses of truth thou hast for me…” As we read Revelation 6 more than ever we need to see with spiritual eyes for the truth within is almost more than […]

God is LIGHT!!! (1John 1)

Each morning it seems that the darkness wants to claim this world but God’s clock and His timing say “sun arise!” There really is something marvelous about that initial sunrise with its glimmer of light that dispels the darkness. First the birds begin to chirp welcoming us to a new day, then the first rays, […]

Is Your WYSIWYG Showing or Hidden?

WYSIWYG is an acronym for “What You See Is What You Get.” In computer lingo it is an editor in which content (text and graphics) are displayed onscreen during the editing process. When WYSIWYG is hidden from the reader it looks just like you are reading now but when turned on it shows the editing […]

Being a SaltShaker for Christ

Everyday you pick up the salt shaker and probably do not realize that there are at least 14,000 uses for the common table salt. Truly God’s gift is a wonder. Salt is not just an enhancer but also a preservative. It is an excellent cleaning agent—a brine of salt and vinegar poured down the kitchen […]

Be a “Jesus Light” to the Perishing (2Cor 5)

As the days draw shorter here in the northern hemisphere so the use of artificial lighting increases. Some luminaries or solar devices will illuminate our walkways to aid visitors as well as to give beauty in our barren landscapes of winter. But as each day returns so the lights of these will fade. That is […]