Worship the Giver of Sight

John 9-10:21 Yesterday, I asked what you would see or hear if you could be a fly on the wall. Today in our reading, as we meet a man blind from birth, the disciples ask who caused this blindness. Although the blind man could not see their reactions, he could hear their question. Has anyone ever spoken about you thinking you cannot hear? Has anyone ever said things about you that you have thought about but did not know the answers? That was the blind man. He listened but perhaps had felt that same question because those as impaired as him could not enter the temple or even the religious leaders’ gatherings to hear the scripture’s blessed teachings. Jesus assured the blind man and the disciples that he, his parents, and anyone else had been the cause, but instead, he was born blind so that the works of God might be proven.

Jesus lovingly caressed the eyes of the blind man with mud and told him to wash in the pool of Siloam. He went and came back seeing! How would you react to a scene like this? The neighbors were amazed, but some scoffed. The parents were astonished but feared the repercussions of the religious leaders. The formerly blind man was taken to the religious council to attest that this work broke the Sabbath. The encounter is both hilarious and convicting. His questions put them on the spot, and they were offended, yet some followed him as he entered the temple and was met by the LIGHT that offers sight to the blind.

How do you respond when Jesus does a mighty work in your life? The blind man worshiped the giver of sight.

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