Whirring Wings & the Gospel

Isaiah 18-22 God is such a creative God. When I think of whirring wings, I think of planes but not so in Isaiah’s time. God has given Isaiah a visual picture of several nations opposed to God, and the first is the picture of whirring wings. Dr. Constable says the land of Cush and beyond […]

John the Baptist…

Mark 1; Luke 3; Matthew 3 The Traits of a True Servant of God The prophets Isaiah and Malachi prophesied that God would open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing to his people in due season. John the Baptist was that blessing that came in the form of the true servant, humble […]

“God Has a Plan and It includes You

Numbers 1-2 It has been two full years and still, the people are no closer to the Promised Land than the last experience of the Passover night or their exodus from Egypt. Yet, God’s plan is to bring the Israelites to the Promised Land. As part of that plan, He has Moses begin numbering the […]

“God’s Storms and Men’s Hearts”

Acts 28 John Jacob Astor believed that the Titanic was unsinkable, yet he and his wealth are at the bottom of the ocean because of his stubborn pride and lack of foresight—the Titanic only carried enough lifeboats for half of the passengers—Astor was not saved. We hear the words of Paul “men, you should have […]

The Gospel Then and Now

Jeremiah 43-44 Israel had come from captivity to freedom, yet they wished to return to Egypt. What irony and foolishness is this! In 1776 our nation was born out of conflict and bondage to a foreign government. Yet here in 2020, we find some that want us to return to that same bondage. They burn, […]

Choosing to Trust and Obey God

Genesis 12 to 15 “I am not quite sure, but I’m going to Trust and Obey.” These words were spoken by a young man in an evangelistic meeting and later set to music as a hymn by John Sammis. One line reflects our lives and the life of Abraham. “When we do his good will, He […]


Birthdays are special. Our families love to celebrate with us and we enjoy the attention. One of the downsides is that technology seems to have taken the place of snail mail cards and Facebook releases our information whether we want it or not and so we get lots of FB Happy Birthday’s sent our way. […]

Why do I do What I do?

The world at large asks: What’s in it for me? Doesn’t this sound somewhat self-centered?  I know that I find my motivation is less than worthy …and if I am honest it is most of the time. Paul takes me front and center and then begins to probe. Just as he asked the Corinthians to look beneath […]

Laboring in the Vineyard or Sitting on the Hillside with Jonah?

Just as there are two sides to a coin there are two sides to every story. Note vs 1 of Proverbs 18: “One who has isolated himself seeks his own desires;he rejects all sound judgment.” (NET). Note this is self-imposed not God imposed as in the case of Moses (Ex 3:1), the plain for Ezekiel (Ezek 3:22), […]