Faithful or Stubborn?

Jer 40-42 What God said would happen happened. The Babylonians took over Jerusalem and carted off its people. God graciously opens the heart of Nebuchadnezzar and allows the prophet Jeremiah to go free. He is given two choices, go to Babylon and live with Nebuzaradan or return to his people. “He stayed there to live […]

A Teaching Moment

Prov 8-11 Choices have Consequences It is said that we make 35,000 choices each day! Choices are either that that will be recorded in heaven as wise or as foolish. Solomon uses his time to teach and model so that the child chooses wisely as they reach maturity. God will hold each of us responsible for carrying […]

How do we explain this?

2Kings 21-22 The Hearts of Men You may be an honorable parent, but there is no guarantee that your offspring will follow in your footsteps—unless God intervenes in their lives and touches their hearts. For example, Hezekiah was an honorable man, but his son Manasseh was the worst king of all Judah! Manasseh’s son was […]

God is not like us; He says and He does…

1Kings 13 Contradicting messages… We often say we will obey, but something comes our way, and we question what God has said. As our loving Father, God often gives us warning signs to beware. Take the story of the prophet sent to King Jeroboam of the consequences of worshiping idols. God confirmed His message to […]

Building God’s Temple

1Kings 5-7 The Building of the Temple King David had gathered much material, but God told him that he would never build this massive structure because he was a man of war, and in war, blood is shed. Although David was obedient to accomplish this, the shed blood is a reminder of where life begins […]

Seek the Lord BEFORE entering enemy territory

1 Sam 29-30 The might have beens… David decided to go with Achish to fight with the Philistines but is rejected by them. Again, just as yesterday, we see how God protects us from our own foolish decisions. When David and his men return, they find the town they had been living in, burned and […]