Commandments are Required, Traditions are not.

Mark 7 The religious leaders challenged Jesus about hand washing and asked him:   “Why do your disciples not live according to the tradition of the elders but eat with eat with unwashed hands?”  [Mk 7:5] Jesus shows us how we can answer those questions from so-called religious people about why we do or do not do certain things. Jesus carefully reminded them that nowhere did Moses command […]

God Protects & Delivers

Esther 6-10 As we have been studying, one theme continues to repeat itself. The people of God are to remember that God is our protector and our deliverer. [Ps 78:35] Here in the story of Esther, the Jews set up a day each year called Purim to remember that principle. The backdrop of this story […]


Hosea 1-4 Hosea is an example of what an obedient child of the living God does— even when he does not understand. God told Hosea to find a prostitute and marry her, but where does a godly man find such a girl? From the garbage dump, Hosea redeemed her and married her lavishing upon her […]

There are no “but’s” in God’s Vocabulary

2 Kings 14, 2 Chron 25 “But…”  King Amaziah has been enthroned and is blessed by God “but” …yes, there is that little word “but” again showing us a contrast to something that has occurred or will occur to alter that blessing. Amaziah followed in his father’s footsteps, “but” he did not eliminate the high […]