Commandments are Required, Traditions are not.

Mark 7 The religious leaders challenged Jesus about hand washing and asked him:   “Why do your disciples not live according to the tradition of the elders but eat with eat with unwashed hands?”  [Mk 7:5] Jesus shows us how we can answer those questions from so-called religious people about why we do or do not do certain things. Jesus carefully reminded them that nowhere did Moses command […]

God Protects & Delivers

Esther 6-10 As we have been studying, one theme continues to repeat itself. The people of God are to remember that God is our protector and our deliverer. [Ps 78:35] Here in the story of Esther, the Jews set up a day each year called Purim to remember that principle. The backdrop of this story […]


Hosea 1-4 Hosea is an example of what an obedient child of the living God does— even when he does not understand. God told Hosea to find a prostitute and marry her, but where does a godly man find such a girl? From the garbage dump, Hosea redeemed her and married her lavishing upon her […]

There are no “but’s” in God’s Vocabulary

2 Kings 14, 2 Chron 25 “But…”  King Amaziah has been enthroned and is blessed by God “but” …yes, there is that little word “but” again showing us a contrast to something that has occurred or will occur to alter that blessing. Amaziah followed in his father’s footsteps, “but” he did not eliminate the high […]


Ps. 111- As you read each day, ask God to reveal Himself to you. Ask Him to open your eyes, ears, and heart. Then do as the Psalmist: give thanks to the Lord with your whole heart. [Ps 111:1 paraphrase] Praise Him for His work is majestic and glorious, and his faithfulness endures forever. [Ps […]

Deception is like a spider web…

1 Sam. 17-20 King Saul needs a warrior to destroy the enemy, but he doesn’t think the shepherd David is up to the task, so he dresses him as a soldier. However, David has never worn battle gear because he is a shepherd, so he gives up the armor and kills that giant Goliath with […]

Fearing God Means Obedience

1 Sam. 14-16 The fear of man emerges in spades in these chapters. First, God tells Samuel to tell Saul to go and exterminate ALL of the Amalekites because they failed to help the children of Israel as they left Egypt. However, Saul fails to carry out the mission, saves the king and the best […]