Why are we surprised?

Luke 19 When God tells us something is going to happen or He gives us directions to do this and so, why are we surprised when it actually happens? Jesus told the disciples to go into the city and find a colt tied. He said untie it and bring it to me. Just as He said, the bystanders asked the reason they were untying it. As Jesus had directed, so they said, “He needs it.” End of story! We can’t be a fly on the wall but we can imagine the discussion as they wandered back through the city streets to where Jesus was. It is things like this that cause us to stop and wonder, what has God told me to do step by step. Have I been as obedient as these disciples had been without question or do I question the reasons? One thing is true: any partial obedience is still disobedience and total obedience is blessed by the Lord. 

 Stop and ponder your day. Were you totally obedient or only partially obedient? He said to go and make disciples. How are we doing with that command?  He said to love our enemies. How are we doing that? He said to forgive; how are we doing that? What would be the grade He would give us this day? 

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