From Old to New

Titus 3 Paul, in writing to his protege, Titus,  began by telling him the kind of people to whom he is being sent.They are the “dregs” of society. They are liars and they live their lives undermining all good things. But, something has happened to these people. They have been changed through the power of the […]

Truth Demands a Response

Acts 17 The Truth Penetrates God will move His people to where they can hear the truth that Jesus is who He said He was and thus must decide if they will believe or not. God used Paul to speak truth to the Thessalonians of whom were both Gentiles and Jews. Interestingly it was the […]

Preparing for Eternity

Luke 13: “Repent…”Jesus is asking if we are prepared for eternity. Without the work of the Holy Spirit to bring us to repentance of the heart, we are the most desperate people. In Jesus’ journey around Israel, people asked him about repentance and his message of grace and mercy. The recent calamities of that time […]