The Last Words of David…

2Sam 22-24 Closing the book of 2Samuel I always become a bit teary when I come to the end of one book. In 2Samuel I have walked with David through each chapter and have come away knowing that although these are his last words, they are not the “last” words. When my life draws to […]

Jesus erases our Guilt

Lev 16 The Day of AtonementThe Israelites were to set aside one day of the year, and the high priest was to offer sacrifices for himself and his family BEFORE he offered sacrifices for the community. The Jews still honor that day even today, but we don’t. We don’t because Christ was our perfect sacrifice […]

To Whom or to What Do I Conform?

In today’s world we see the youth conforming to their culture in dress, word and actions. Mid-life adults are conforming to the ways of their culture which includes their employment and their social structure. In light of all of this we come to Romans 12 and Paul earnestly implores us to not be a conformer. […]

Is the Walk the Talk? Comment on Romans 12: 1&2

The Westminster Confession asks this question: “What is the chief end of man?” with the response “To glorify God and to enjoy God forever.” But, how does a believer go about glorifying God, is my being a living sacrifice part of that glorification?  How would you answer that question? Recently I received a missional letter […]

What Satisfies? A Bird’s Eye View or the Very Reality?

The idiom “a bird’s eye view” means to see from above as  opposed to a “dog’s eye view” which is ground level.  As bird lovers will tell you there is a profound difference between the two. On the fifth day that God created the birds to fly above the earth across the expanse of the […]