Do not presume ahead of time!

ACTS 25 Paul has certainly had many opportunities to speak for Christ before these Roman puppet leaders and he has remained “cool.” as we say. He has not changed his story but the Jewish leaders heap charge upon charge. They have no evidence and no witnesses, yet they are persistent. That is the way of […]

Letters of Encouragement

Phil 1-4 Paul, as a prisoner in Rome, received a visitor who had traveled from the city of Philippi to bring a gift to him. Imagine his joy to receive not just a physical gift but to receive words of encouragement from the Philippian believers. There is no greater gift than receiving one who comes […]

What is in your foundation?

Eccl 7 – 12 After 12 whole chapters of pithy sayings, Solomon finally concludes that all that he has found has little of any value. Only what is done for God will pass the test of time and eternity. He poses the last question by asking us to choose what we will build on.  Eccl […]

God is a God of Order

Numbers 1 to 3 ‘God is a God of Order’ The theme of Leviticus is holiness; the theme of Numbers is obedience. The study note in the NET Bible study tool says: “It provides a record of the experience of the Israelites during the wilderness wanderings, and records the laws for the camp as they […]

Think About It—-

2Corinthians 13 “Do I Have to?” When children are being disciplined they are often sent to their rooms to “think about it.” Paul is saying to his beloved Corinthian children to think about their faith and their character as a child of God. A child is still a parent’s child but they are to think […]

Contentment is a Learned Exercise

I have struggled with what Paul wrote to the Philippians when he wrote: “I have learned to be content in any circumstance…I have learned the secret of contentment.” How does one “learn” contentment? I think I found the clue here in 2Corinthians 12. The background: Some spiritually proud “super apostles” sought to lead the Corinthians astray. […]

Romans 14 “Scarred Hearts”

We have heard it said over and over and over: you are judging and that is wrong. Now to be sure there are times when we are to judge and to judge righteously when we discern error. However, in this chapter Paul over and over and over is trying to get our attention that when […]

“Believe in “a” God or Believe God?”

In chapter 3 Paul reminded the Jew that no one is saved apart from the grace and mercy of God. Yet they and the world would have it otherwise and heap rewards and boastings upon those who seek to earn God’s favor through works. The prophet Isaiah said our works are as filthy rags; later […]

Waiting is Hard!

Waiting is probably one of the hardest things for me to do. In fact, I find exasperating. If truth be known I tend to fret, fume and frame my words to show exactly how I am handling this when answers do not come as quickly as I  think they should. Can you relate? Perhaps the psalmist […]