What is your goal for 2024?

Paul left his protégé Timothy in Ephesus to teach sound doctrine because he was proven reliable, trustworthy, and loyal. Paul calls him his “true child in the faith.” How about us? Would Paul say the same about us? As we bid farewell to 2023, we should be thinking about our goals for 2024. Paul wrote […]

Letters of Encouragement

Phil 1-4 Paul, as a prisoner in Rome, received a visitor who had traveled from the city of Philippi to bring a gift to him. Imagine his joy to receive not just a physical gift but to receive words of encouragement from the Philippian believers. There is no greater gift than receiving one who comes […]

How Forgiving Are We?

Today as in the days of Paul, we may face circumstances when all those who once stood by our side forsake us and we stand alone. How do we respond when this happens? Paul has learned his lessons well and he learned the art of forgiveness from the lips of Jesus “Father forgive them for they […]

“Who is Your BFF and Are You a BFF?”

The teens of today have coined a phrase “BFF” to mean Best Friend Forever! I hear this a lot from them and it always brings a smile. If you ask them what qualities a “BFF” has, you hear always ready to listen, is there for me when no one else is and more. Isn’t it […]

1Tim 2 “Prayer Warriors”

Do you know of anyone you might call a “prayer warrior?” I knew a precious lady who was in my Bible Study who was nearing the 100 yr mark in her life. She would often arise as early as 5 a.m. When I asked her why she got up so early she told me “if […]