Study God’s Word to Gain Wisdom

study God's Word

Proverbs 13 Some sheep/children are teachable, and some will refuse correction. Solomon was a teachable child, “Solomon demonstrated his loyalty to the Lord by following the practices of his father David,” [1Ki 3:3] However, his son was incorrigible. We have all heard this saying: “Don’t do as I do but do as I say.” Perhaps in hindsight, Solomon is saying, do not lose heart; I have placed before you the wisdom I have gleaned to raise a wise child even though my own son did not accept that truth.

Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, chose to flounder with fools rather than walk with the wise. He was spiritually deaf, as many are today. They wish to have their ears tickled rather than heed God’s counsel. The principle is clear: A wise son (daughter) accepts his father’s discipline, but a scoffer does not listen to rebuke. 

Today, Parents must hide God’s word in their hearts. The hidden treasures will guide you to understand the type of child God has placed in your care and how to raise them properly in the ways of God. When you are diligent, you can claim this promise from 2Peter 1:4 “Through these things, he [God] has bestowed on us his precious and most magnificent promises,” so that by you can share the nuggets of truth to the next generation, as Psalm 78 tells us.  As part of your parenting routine: “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” [2Tim 2:15] 

Which child are you raising? You can know by studying the book of Proverbs. 


Can we know the right path to follow?

Can I know which I am following?

Prov 8/9  Are you a people watcher as you walk down the path of life? Solomon must have been. He pondered and realized there are two tracks of life (foolish and wise) and he personifies both. Solomon has observed: Vs. 32: Blessed are those who keep my [God’s] ways. Vs. 34 Blessed is the one who listens, watches, and waits

As Solomon observed, he saw the contrast. The foolish follow Dame Harlot, as Solomon calls her. [Proverbs 7: 27] Followers of Dame Harlot find that “Her house is the way to the grave, going down to death’s chambers.”The wise are pursuing Lady Wisdom. The path of Dame Harlot leads to deception and darkness. The way of Lady Wisdom leads to honesty and light.

Learn from Solomon. Observe people’s decision-making process. Those who choose to follow and heed Lady Wisdom find that her path leads to blessings, and life eternal. ” I will love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently will find me.” [Proverbs 8:17] Lady Wisdom says: “For the one who finds me (wisdom) find life and receives favor from the Lord. But the one who does not find me brings harm to himself;” [Prov 8:35] 

It could not be any clearer: Prov 1:7 “Fearing the Lord is the beginning of moral knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Proverbs 9:10 “The beginning of wisdom is to fear the Lord, and acknowledging the Holy One is understanding.” Thus as Dr. Constable notes: 

“Wisdom and godliness are practically synonymous.”  

Beloved, Are you following Dame Harlot or Lady Wisdom?  


How to Become Wise

Today we begin our walk through the book of Proverbs. Beloved, know this truth that will guide you step by step through life: “It All Begins with Fearing the Lord

Every person has a life journey that ultimately leads to everlasting comfort and peace or eternal destruction.  Proverbs is in the Holy Scriptures to help us understand the meaning of life through practical examples and also riddles.

Solomon will instruct us how to discern the fool and the wise man. Thus, Proverbs is a book to garner the unbeliever’s attention to see how he is wallowing in his foolishness and how to turn from his wicked ways to become wise. “Every scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the person dedicated to God may be capable and equipped for every good work.”

The book of Proverbs will help us learn three things: wisdom, moral instruction (correction or discipline), and how to discern wise counsel. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding and acknowledge him in all your ways…”

As we walk through Proverbs, allow the Holy Spirit to train you practically to discern good and evil. 

 Thus today we choose [Prov 1:7] as our verse for today:

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of discernment or knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

What verse jumped out at you as you read, and what verse are you meditating on for today?


Fool for Satan’s Sake or Wise for Christ’s Sake?

proverbs 4 wisdom2a The author of Hebrews reminds us we must be trained by experience as we gather wisdom from those who are themselves mature, in fact, the aged, or the elder amongst us. They have learned to discern both good and evil and now are passing on that to the next generation as the psalmist said to do. [Ps 78]  Daily we are in a spiritual battle against unseen foes and need both our armor and wisdom to defeat this deadly foe. We find it in the Word of God which is profitable for teaching, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness. [2Tim 3] God’s promise is sure; He is always ready to give his children wisdom.[James 1]

Solomon knew this well for that is the one gift he asked of the Lord. Two times he reminds his children, and us, that it begins when one actively listens with mind and body. Just like our heavenly Father, Solomon tells his children that they are to listen so that they may gain discernment which is being able to judge between good and evil. They are to acquire wisdom which is the supreme gift and to do that they must lay hold of his words and hide them in their hearts. “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” [Ps 119]

But why is wisdom so critical? Without wisdom, we are fools for Satan’s sake. With wisdom, we are wise for Christ’s sake.

Read this also here:


“The Worst of Men and the Best of God—”

ImageThe psalmist, (Ps 36)  after pondering and meditating upon what he saw and experienced, came to the conclusion that men truly are totally depraved and God is their only hope. As we read Mark 11 we see that truth in living color as Jesus enters Jerusalem and leaves in tears. What did he see and experience that would bring about his broken heart?

As Jesus walked about the temple courts he was joined by those to whom God had given the privileges of teaching his people the very sacred word of God. They were correct to question Jesus’ authority for to them it had been given the right to distinguish between false and true teachers and prophets. However, as Jesus said on more than one occasion: Joh 14:11 if you do not believe me, believe because of the miraculous deeds themselves, these are the proof of who I am. They had seen the mighty miracle of the blind man made whole and they scoffed, they had seen the paralytic pick up his bed and walk and were amazed yet over and over their hearts little by little hardened beyond repair. They understood his parable of the vineyard that spoke of their sin. Yet their unwillingness to accept him as the True Messiah prophesied in the very sacred writings they studied so eagerly pointed to their true heart. And so when they came and questioned they answered Jesus’ question with “We don’t know” about John’s baptism– for they feared the crowd more than God.

Men who fear men more than God fall into the trap that Solomon noted: “The fearof peoplebecomes a snare, but whoever trustsin the Lordwill be set on high.”[Prov 29] As Jesus noted their lack of reverence for truth his heart was broken and this is why our “Messiah would be firm and resolute amidst all contempt and scorn which he would meet; that he had made up his mind to endure it, and would not shrink from any kind or degree of suffering which would be necessary to accomplish the great work in which he was engaged.” [Easton]

Where are you today? Revering the Savior that died in your place for your sin Or are you trapped by your legalistic self-righteousness like the Pharisees? Remember this verse: “if we say we do not bear the guilt of sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us.” [1Jo 1:8] But on the flip side is this marvelous promise that awaits those who come to him in reverence and humility: He is able to keep you from falling, and to cause you to stand, rejoicing, without blemish before his glorious presence, [Jude]



My Excuses are Just That..Excuses ..and why I need God

Proverbs Image19 is one of those chapters that is written with a subliminal meaning whereby we must glean truths by “reading between the lines.”   We must step outside the box to truly gather what Solomon is saying.  The crux, a vital, decisive or pivotal point of this chapter lies in one word: knowledge. When I finally gleaned that point the meaning became crystal clear and also gave me the motivation to do what I need to do to be armed and ready for the battle before me…moment by moment and day by day.

As a wise teacher Solomon grabbed my attention with the usage of contrasts through the pictures of the fool, the poor, the sluggard and the scorner. How all of these pictures were intertwined was for me to unravel. Through vivid imagery, as I sat in the front row of this theatrical production I was a witness to how each faces life’s circumstances based upon their choices. It became so real as I watched my granddaughter in her latest play and how she reacted. It was surreal! This chapter was the same! It was surreal.

In addition I was not left wondering what happens but I vividly could see the results of these choices that I might learn wisdom and why Solomon keeps harping. Yes, Solomon has a way of doing that, chapter after chapter after chapter. It all boils down to this:  get wisdom/get knowledge. Proverbs: 1:5 “(Let the wise also hear and gain instruction, and let the discerning acquire guidance!)”

The verse in Peter stands as my benchmark. The “lion in the road” is the enemy of my soul. He has one thing on his agenda: deceive and destroy. If he can keep me ignorant or without wisdom he has mastered the first step into leading me down the garden path to the gate that leads only to one destination: outside the will of God. He seeks avenues where you and I are vulnerable and unprotected.  We must beware of his ways! If we want to know how to face adversity, wealth/luxury, relationships [public and private] then we need to pick up our shovels and dig into wisdom from the Word. 2Tim 3:16 Every scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.”

We who are believers have the indwelling Holy Spirit as our teacher so we are truly without excuse to say “I didn’t know!” God’s Word is our blueprint for building lives that will honor Him as well as provide for us blessings here on earth. Therefore, take heed from this chapter the consequences of a lack of God’s most basic instructions. Some thoughts I gleaned:

  1. If we choose to walk in paths that do not include integrity as well as revealing that we are a teller of lies we are not only our own worst enemy but it leads to poverty of mind and spirit.
  2. If we make poor choices it may be because we have a zeal to do but lack knowledge of the how.
  3. If we choose to shirk knowledge it leads to folly and really, if truth be known, it is because we think we know better than God.
  4. Both wealth and poverty have their own reward…one with temporary friends (think of Adonijah IKings 1:49 and Naboth 1Kings21:1) and one left bereft of even family members to help in times of need (think of Joseph).
  5. If we choose to break one of the Ten Commandments such as Honor thy Father and Mother, who are we to blame? Not God!

Thus Solomon is saying that the result of many of life’s choices falls into my own laps. I am ultimately responsible because I have disregarded the most basic tenet which is to fear the Lord.

 The bottom line is that if you and I want God to guide us, bless us and make us fruitful for Him it begins with the fear of the Lord. Solomon ends his lengthy description with these cryptic words: If you stop listening to instruction, my child, you will stray from the words of knowledge.

Thus this is where I need to begin. Isa 55:6 Seek the Lord while he makes himself available; call to him while he is nearby!