Honoring a Parent’s Legacy

2 Chron 2-3, 1 Kings 5-6  Solomon has been anointed king over Israel, and just as we might do, he began to plan how to honor his father’s wishes to build a magnificent temple. His father had planned and organized the materials and now Solomon just had to execute the plan. Solomon calls on his […]

Planning Ahead

Prov 13:22a Inheritances A good person leaves an inheritance for his grandchildren, so says the Proverbs writer. In Prov 17:6, the Proverbs writer says that grandchildren are like a crown to the elderly. A crown is something that adorns the head as a symbol of honor and respect. Grandchildren are our crown that we wear proudly to show the […]

Genealogy and Legacy

1Chron 7-10 What would you want others to record about your life when you pass from this earth? We all want others to recall our good deeds offered to humanity. But, sometimes, like some Al Capone, Jesse James, and Charles Manson, the record is sad, and we only remember their evil ways. King Saul falls […]

“What legacy are you leaving?”

2Chron 33 If someone would open your life’s diary what would they read? Would it be like the life of King Manasseh who had a godly father in King Hezekiah or would it read that you rebelled and refused God’s ways…until… The Chronicler records these words: the annals record all of King Manasseh’s sins and […]

What will people remember?

2 Chron 2-3, 1Kings 5-6 There is a church in a city in Florida that has sat for years untended and unfinished. Whoever was in charge did not seek peace, and today the courts are in control with no resolution. Recalling that image and the backstory is so unlike the story before us today. David’s […]

A Legacy

Parents play a key role in the lives of their children. The impact is generational and profound. What will you leave your child/children? Although my parents were fairly committed to church-going it was my SS teachers that impacted me the most. You may be the same. I was also in Pioneer Girls who challenged me […]

Finishing Well

Genesis 48 “Consider the Legacy You Leave Behind” Jacob has not always been faithful to God throughout his life. He has schemed and lived a life that was less than honorable but in the end, he realizes this truth: even “If we are unfaithful, he (God) remains faithful, since he cannot deny himself.” And so […]

What is Your Legacy?

This past Sunday, being Father’s Day, there were scores of FB posts with pictures of many who have “gone on before us.” It was notable that few if any noted the words we hear in Hebrews 11 “his faith he still speaks, though he is dead.” Many remarked how sweet the father had been, how he spent time […]