Honoring a Parent’s Legacy

2 Chron 2-3, 1 Kings 5-6  Solomon has been anointed king over Israel, and just as we might do, he began to plan how to honor his father’s wishes to build a magnificent temple. His father had planned and organized the materials and now Solomon just had to execute the plan. Solomon calls on his father’s dear friend, Hiram to help with the execution of the building. We all need a true friend who will stand in the gap for us and guide us in our endeavors. Hiram knew David well and he now gets to meet and help David’s son. He gave God praise for David for raising a wise son who has a discerning and keen heart to accomplish the task. Do others see that our parents have raised us to have these characteristics?  

 The temple was to be out of the ordinary; in fact, it was to be spectacular. All was to be covered in gold and the inner court would hold the cherubim images, not to be worshiped, but to be a reminder of God’s glory. Humbly Solomon knew that nothing in the heavens or earth would come close to who God is yet as part of David’s legacy he would fulfill that vision of a temple where people could come to worship. In the NT Paul reminds us that a physical temple is not what God requires, but a temple of a person and their heart; therefore be ye holy as God is holy.

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