Parenting is 24/7

Prov 22-24 The Proverbs author continues to instruct his children in wisdom and discernment. In the middle of this dialog, he focuses on parents by saying: Train up a child in the way he should go; even when old, he will not depart from it.[Prov 22:6] By that, the Proverbs author reminds parents that they must study their children as to how they learn best and their interests. Through all twenty-one chapters, He has reminded us of the importance of knowing who we are and our destiny, all with the “fear of the Lord” as the primary objective.

How does your child learn best? Is he/she one who learns best by hearing or one who learns best using his eyes and hands? Just as we often take spiritual gifts tests to determine the best way we learn, you can do the same by studying your child by observing, interpreting, and then teaching the truth to them. It is what we call discipleship, and it begins early so that when you stand before the Lord, you hear well done!

Just as we study the scriptures to know truth from error, we are to study our children’s ways so they become wise. Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord, and we reap benefits when we and they know what is best.

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