It’s your choice

Ezekiel 19-21  God unlocked Ezekiel’s tongue to speak to the exiles in Babylon who wanted answers; they wanted to “go home.” Instead, Ezekiel was to paint two pictures for them, one of lions and the other of vines, to help them understand why they were where they were. The lions pictured the foolish boy kings […]

God Uses the Faithful

Acts 17 Are you feeling less faithful because of the pandemic? Does it seem like you are in a holy huddle on Facebook, Twitter, and now Parler? Or are you using today’s technology to reach the unsaved with the gospel message? What is keeping all of us from our reaching our unsaved neighbors, unsaved family […]

Watch Out! You may be in Danger!

1Cor 3 “The Danger of Holy Huddles” The church at  Corinth was birthed under Paul but now left to their own they have become divided into Paul camps and Apollo camps. This is a warning to us about this happening to our churches and even para-church organizations. No matter how it comes about, know this; […]