God is Light

Psalm 102 to 104                                                                         When God began His marvelous creation, he started with the character of Himself.  Darkness filled the earth, and the Spirit of God moved over the surface. He said, “Let there be light! And there was light!” [Gen 1:2-3] John wrote: God is Light, and in him, there is no darkness […]

“Where Are You Serving?”

1Chron 7 to 10 Do you see your area of service as God ordained? God put into the heart of the Chronicler to record voluminous lists and lists of unpronounceable names and places where they lived. He also recorded the professions of the men who served in the Tabernacle. Some were gatekeepers or doormen. God […]

The saddest words…

Ps 81 “It Might Have Been…” “In the early 1960s, excavators uncovered a manuscript including Psalms 81–85 at Masada, the Jewish fortress on the west side of the Dead Sea. Psalm 81 was sung each Thursday as part of the daily services for worshipers? The author, Asaph, reminds the people that God is pleading with […]

The Lord’s Prayer

Matt 6 John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim’s Progress while imprisoned for his faith. It was an instant publishing success and sold possibly 100,000 copies in its first fifteen years. Another book by this author is “How to Pray in the Spirit.” Within this small volume is a chapter on the Lord’s Prayer, which you probably have […]