“Genealogical Records.”

Study the families of the Bible

1Chron 3 to 5 We love reading about the positive, strong role models in scripture such as Joshua, but we are to remember that Christ died for all, the noble and the ignoble.

Don’t get bogged down in these genealogical records, but as you read, sort out the character qualities of the families. Make a list of those that are pleasing to the Lord and choose to emulate them. For instance, how about Jabez? His life began in the birth canal, where he struggled to come forth. It seems that his Mother recorded that fact or reminded him of it throughout his life.  He boldly went to God and poured out his heart to Him, who knows all things in eternity past, today and tomorrow.

The Chronicler tells us that Jabez was more honorable than all of his brothers. Yet, it appears he did not Lord it over them; he was instead a humble man who earnestly desired God’s best for himself.  While his brothers may have been out building altars and worshiping idols, Jabez was worshiping God.

Jabez began his prayer humbly: “if you…” Jabez left no stone unturned; I want the full scope of the blessing! He even noted what that blessing would entail and included, protect me. He wanted or sensed he needed a hedge of protection and that he might not endure pain. That closes the circle from Mother’s words; I brought you forth in pain. 

God answered his prayer, all. four.parts.

How about your prayer?

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