“Presumptuous Sins.”

Don't play God

2Samuel 1 to 4  How often do we instantly make snap judgments or allow a thought to fester like a boil until it bursts open? Again we are presented with this thought: Avenging is God’s work, not man’s.  

David as the man after God’s own heart reveals how we are to respond to the death of another—even If they are our rival. We question the ulterior motive of this one who came to tell David of Saul’s death. Bringing the news, the man expected David to celebrate, but David rightly said God is the avenger in death as he is in life. This Amalekite overstepped his bounds because our only justification for taking a life is self-protection. He miscalculated David’s response. In chapter four, again, we find another incident when two men decided to avenge David. David had them executed because they killed an innocent man and worse in his own bed! They too sought to do God’s work with man’s methods.

If David was right to be angry, how do you think God will deal with those who rejected and crucified Jesus Christ, His anointed? As David dealt harshly with the Amalekite and the two who slew Ishbosheth, God will deal harshly with those who reject His Son, Jesus Christ.

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