Are you prepared or deceived?

Ezekiel 28 Satan’s lie never changes. He has dangled this lie before men: “you will be like God.”  Like many, the rich man in Luke 16’s parable, the leader of Tyre, the leader of Babylon, and more, were captured like a fish, hook, line, and sinker. They trusted in their riches, position, power, and wisdom, […]

Rehoboam’s foolish Decision

2Chron 10-13 and 1Kings 12 Slow learners reap enormous consequences  God had promised Solomon that HE would keep his kingdom strong if he was obedient to Him and honored him. What happened along the way is anybody’s guess, but this we do know: Solomon’s heart was drawn away by his idol worshiping wives. He fathered […]

The Power of the Holy Spirit!

Acts 9 The Conversion of Saul As we read this story, we are drawn back to Jn 16:2 and the words of Jesus “They will put you out of the synagogue,…the one who kills you will think “they are” offering service to God.” Before this, the religious leaders did not think twice and plotted to […]

“Blindsided by Men yet God gets the Glory”

Joshua 9-10 Have you ever made a snap judgment only to find it blow up in your face? The Israelites did just that when the Gibeonites entered the Israelites camp and deceived them by wearing rags and carrying moldy bread, along with a tale of their journey. Their deception included meekly approaching the camp of […]

“Trust God’s Timing and Plan!”

Ge 27 to 29: Isaac and Rebekah were praying parents, yet they seemed to have become impatient in their old age.  Much like Sara and Abraham, they decided that God wasn’t doing things on “their” timetable, or surely God had forgotten the “plan.” Jacob is to receive the blessing according to the prophecy yet the […]

In a Pickle? Seek God’s Advice.

2 Chron 17-19  When in Doubt, seek God’s Advice. Asa may not have been the perfect king, but it seems he did one thing right; he raised a godly son Jehoshaphat, who took his place. Each of us is responsible for following God or not but our parents have much to do with our path. […]

‘Sad Tales are Teachable Moments’

2Samuel 13 Some stories in God’s word are so painful to read that we want to skip them, but God has left them in there as a teaching tool for each of us. This chapter falls into the x-rated material, but we want to focus on what we can learn from the sordid tale of […]

Have you been “hoodwinked?”

Galatians 3 “Hoodwinked means veiling the truth” How often do we, like the Galatians, fall under the spell of smooth teaching of others when we fail to be a Berean to search the scriptures to see if what is taught is true? The Galatians had been, as we say today, “hoodwinked” by unscrupulous teachers. To […]