Beware of False Teachers

Mark 12 Ignorance of the Word 

The religious leaders again sought to trap Jesus with their words but Jesus told them a parable about a vineyard and the owner’s slaves and son. It is interesting that these men who studied the scriptures thinking that in them they have eternal life have missed this important lesson that God was preparing to send His precious Son soon. 

How about us? Do we read and then walk away? What is the lesson Jesus is teaching here?

The OT scriptures foretold the coming of the Messiah and now He is here. The religious leaders listen to this tale and then walk away because they knew…get that…they knew He was talking about them! They had been given the promise of the vineyard with all its promises yet when the harvest time came they wanted to not share with the owner who is pictured as God. Over and over through the OT we see the vineyard populated but when harvest time came, they rejected giving of the truth to the Israelites. They wanted to keep them from knowing the truth! There are some religions today that say, only the priests or leaders can know the truth. This is heretical because 2 Tim 3:16 tells us the purpose of the Word. It is given to teach, to rebuke, correct and train us in righteousness. If you come across some of these leaders…run away from them. They are fools that are blocking the entrance into the kingdom of God from you. Pray for discernment so you are not hoodwinked!

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