Bewitched or Hoodwinked?

Gal 3 How’s your Christian walk today? Are you walking by faith or the Law with its rules and regulations? 

This chapter is Paul’s “ouch” chapter to this church that he founded. Just as there was a TV show with that title; bewitched has the meaning of being led astray and that is Paul’s question to these Galatians. Sometimes we need a wake up call to really see where we have strayed and so Paul is using that as he is calling them back to the faith. He asks them several questions to alert them to where they are failing. He pointedly asked them if they received the Spirit by faith or by works. He asks them if their suffering was in vain or did it have a purpose?

Paul wanted these believers to rethink and return to their simple faith for which Christ died. The question is did they listen to Paul’s warnings? Do you listen when the Holy Spirit questions your walk? 

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