Rehoboam’s foolish Decision

Be wise not foolish

2Chron 10-13 and 1Kings 12 Slow learners reap enormous consequences 

God had promised Solomon that HE would keep his kingdom strong if he was obedient to Him and honored him. What happened along the way is anybody’s guess, but this we do know: Solomon’s heart was drawn away by his idol worshiping wives. He fathered Rehoboam by Naamah, and she was an Ammonite. When Solomon died, Rehoboam reigned for 17 yrs. and although much of it was reasonably good, he was not a wise king initially. He did not listen to the wise leaders but was hoodwinked by his own “buddies” who were young like him. End of story, God sent trials into his life, and he failed many of them. The ten tribes of Israel left him, and thus the kingdom was divided. What are we to learn from his life? 

First, be holy as God is holy if you want to be blessed. Secondly, be strong and courageous. Thirdly, Pro 4:27 Do not turn to the right nor to the leftTurn your foot from evil.  

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