A King’s Folly

King Asa was a fool

2Chron 13-16 In the 36th year of King Asa, he made a deal with a neighboring king to come to his aid against a formidable enemy.  This deal goes down in history as Asa’s Folly.  Asa had been victorious over the Ethiopians, but now he sought help, not from God, but from his stores of wealth to buy protection.  Therefore, God sent a seer to remind him that when another enemy was on his doorstep, he sought God and saw victory.  The point of this story is that when Asa relied on God, he was victorious, but when he relied on his own endeavors, the enemy was kept at bay—for a time.  God’s prophet reminded him that reliance on human efforts is always the wrong way. Now, God would remove His hand of blessing, and from this point on, Judah would have wars and rumors of wars.

What do you rely on when an enemy comes prowling about seeking whom he can devour?  [1Pet 5:8] Do you seek God’s help or rely upon your storehouses of human wisdom or riches?  When we rely upon our resources, we may be victorious for the moment, but in the end, it always fails.  James gives us a principle: If you are wise and understanding, you will reveal it in godly wisdom instead of earthly wisdom.  [James 3:13-17]

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