October 31st. Pumpkins, Halloween, ghosts, goblins or???

I wanted to post this ahead for any who will be thinking about Halloween. It seems that our world is head over heels in love with Halloween to the point of whole big box stores with all kinds of paraphernalia to be purchased for all ages. I can remember dressing up as a painter’s man […]

May I Pray for YOU??? (1John 5)

Yesterday I received an email from a “buddy” who is struggling. How my heart goes out to this person! 1John really spoke to my heart today about the confidence I have in Christ to boldly approach the throne of God for this person. May I have the privilege of doing the same for you? Here’s […]

Anointed Ones Abide! (1John 2)

They say opposites attract but is that really true? We usually use the standards of how we are attracted by one’s physical appearance, by their status, by their education. We oppose those who are different than us.  But, Jesus said we will attract others not by how they look, by how much money they have […]

God is LIGHT!!! (1John 1)

Each morning it seems that the darkness wants to claim this world but God’s clock and His timing say “sun arise!” There really is something marvelous about that initial sunrise with its glimmer of light that dispels the darkness. First the birds begin to chirp welcoming us to a new day, then the first rays, […]

Shrink Wrapped by the Father for Jesus! [Book of Jude]

Often we have packages we want to ship or packages are shipped to us in what we have come to know as “shrink wrapping.” Polymer plastic is wrapped around a fragile object and then heat is applied so that the plastic conforms to the image. The NET Bible translates: 1:1 From Jude, a slave of […]

Am I Wise? Prov 24

I like to think I am wise because of the many years under my belt, but Proverbs always checks my stride to show areas where I am faltering. Prov 24 is one of those chapters! I hold in my  hands the most marvelous treasure of all, God’s Word. Hidden within are the jewels of wisdom […]

Is Your WYSIWYG Showing or Hidden?

WYSIWYG is an acronym for “What You See Is What You Get.” In computer lingo it is an editor in which content (text and graphics) are displayed onscreen during the editing process. When WYSIWYG is hidden from the reader it looks just like you are reading now but when turned on it shows the editing […]

Holy Halo or Humble Thorn? 2Cor 12

Have you ever met or heard of someone who seems to wear a holy halo? They are known by their superfluous adjectives or with a long drawn out face about their recent God encounter. Jesus warned the disciples to beware of these Pharisees who roam about in long robes and utter long drawn out prayers […]

Being a SaltShaker for Christ

Everyday you pick up the salt shaker and probably do not realize that there are at least 14,000 uses for the common table salt. Truly God’s gift is a wonder. Salt is not just an enhancer but also a preservative. It is an excellent cleaning agent—a brine of salt and vinegar poured down the kitchen […]