The Cost of Pride and Arrogance

1 Kings 12 to14: Listen up! Wisdom is found in the aged who have been tested and proven true, just as we test a garment or a tool. The recent destruction of the submersible seems like our story today in 1 Kings 12. A wise king raises a fool; others pay the price for our […]

Wisdom Precepts

Prov 10 & Isaiah 28:10 “Precept Upon Precept” Do you find Proverbs a challenge? If I were the author, I would want to include all the verses around wisdom together and the consequences of stupidity in another. But thankfully, I am not the author, and the Holy Spirit did not arrange this chapter or any […]

Parenting 101

Prov 4-7 Parenting needs wisdom from God. Even King Solomon began his teaching by reminding his children to listen and pay attention so that they would gain discernment. He had learned from his father, David, and now injects knowledge, reasons, and consequences. They say more is caught than taught, yet Scripture teaches that both are […]

Whom do you fear?

Jer 47-49 God gives Jeremiah His words regarding the nations around Judah who worship idols, and the message has bad omens. You will be defeated! God tells Jeremiah this about Moab: “you trust in the things you do and in your riches.” and “Your god Chemosh will go into exile along with his priests and […]

Wisdom? Get it from God.

Job 25-27, James 3 Two kinds of wisdom Bildad reveals that his wisdom is, as James says: earthly. Jam 3:15 Such wisdom does not come from above but is earthly, natural, demonic. I don’t know if I would characterize Bildad’s wisdom as demonic, but as James says, it is natural that it is not coupled […]

Lessons from Jethro

Exodus 18 In the course of time after Moses has been guiding the children of the Exodus, his father-in-law arrives.  He observed and “rejoiced because of all the good that the Lord had done for Israel” [Ex 18:9] In addition, he said; “now I know that the Lord is greater than all the gods.” [Ex […]

The Wise and The Foolish

1Kings 15-16, 2Chron 17 Asa may not have been the perfect king, but it seems he did one thing right; he raised a godly son Jehoshaphat, who took his place. He reigned in Jerusalem and followed in his ancestor David’s footsteps.  He sought the God of his ancestors and obeyed his commands, unlike the Israelites. […]