The Power of Persistent Prayer!

Amos 7-9 Amos was just a sheepherder by trade as he shared with Amaziah, the false priest of Israel, but he also had a powerful ministry of prayer. God called him, and he left Judah and his work to follow God. God revealed horrible visions to him about the future of Israel, and with a […]

Pride’s Downfall and the Believer’s Power in Prayer

Psalm 81 and Romans 1 What a mixed-up world we live in. Our nation has lost its compass. They glorify sin and want us to join them. The psalmist and the Apostle Paul hit the nail on the head: it boils down to this: stubbornness of heart. So God gave them over to their stubborn […]

How do you handle rejection?

2Samuel 10: Have you ever done something nice only not to receive a thank you but a rebuff? With a pure heart, David sent emissaries with a sympathy message at hearing the king of the Ammonites died. God sent His Son, but men have rebuffed his message of the gospel. Instead of receiving David’s message […]

Do you have a Christmas Heart?

Advent Series: 1Peter 3 to 5 Do you have a Christmas Heart? Are you busy untangling Christmas lights, shopping and wrapping gifts for others? There are only a few days left to prepare! Beyond that busyness are you taking time to read and meditate on the words of scripture that your heart might be prepared […]

To Yahweh, I pray…

Daniel 9 The bronze man in Ezekiel 40 told him to “see with your eyes, hear with your ears and pay attention to all I am going to everything I show you…” Now place yourself with Daniel in the mode of prayer and your heart is heavy for the sins of your people and in a […]

Let’s face it; some days are just the pits…

And when those days come around we have only way to handle them and it is in fasting and prayer. Enter Nehemiah and his diary to show us how. Nehemiah 1 to 3 “A.C.T.S Prayer” Nehemiah is a man whose soft heart becomes visible in his reaction to news and in his prayer life. He […]

Something to Think About

What is your opinion on how we should pray? Should we kneel? Should we raise our hands? Is there only one way? 2Chronicles 7 From Genesis to Revelation the fire of God is used as a picture of the holiness and majesty of God. In Genesis, He consumes the cities of abomination. In Exodus He […]

I Kings “8:28”

I Kings 8 “8:28” Many of us who study and memorize scripture are familiar with the “8:28” verse in Romans which is a promise that God has made: “that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose,” But there is another “8:28” verse hidden in […]

Moving and a Quiet Time

1Kings 8 to 10  Recently a friend moved and it was a chore—especially with little children who don’t really understand why they are moving from a familiar place to one that is unfamiliar! Can you relate? In these chapters, King Solomon is moving the Ark from its place in the countryside to the brand new […]

The Fear Factor

Genesis 32-33 The writer of Proverbs wrote: the fear of man is a snare.  [Prov 29:25]It is the tool of our archenemy. He uses it as bait to catch us from trusting God. Jacob was caught in that snare because of his past history with Esau. Having left home and burned his bridges behind him after […]