“The Trilogy”

Nehemiah 1 to 5 Ezra, Esther, Nehemiah all lived in or around the palace in Susa, yet as Moses taught, they were separated religiously from the pagan idolatry of the land. They were examples of fasting and prayer before executing their duties, and God blessed them to serve. We live in a land that idolizes […]

Got a problem? Try Nehemiah’s Solution

Nehemiah 4 – 6 With the king’s seal of approval, Nehemiah set off to the city of his ancestors. He quietly took time away from the peering eyes of those who could be the “naysayers” or those who perhaps wore the cloaks of legalese. He took time to scope out the scene. Then he called the […]

Let’s face it; some days are just the pits…

And when those days come around we have only way to handle them and it is in fasting and prayer. Enter Nehemiah and his diary to show us how. Nehemiah 1 to 3 “A.C.T.S Prayer” Nehemiah is a man whose soft heart becomes visible in his reaction to news and in his prayer life. He […]