Will you go to Heaven?

Revelation 21: John had reminded the reader to be an overcomer or a conqueror because the reward is beyond description and the loss is irreparable. What do we have to overcome or conquer? It is the sin of the flesh, the eyes and the pride of life. Standing and hearing that it is done, his mind […]

Glitz, Glamour and the Pride of Life

Revelation 13   Many celebrities have passed from life to death. They were easily recognized having sought fame and fortune and big names in lights. Yes, many achieved that; but did they plan for their eternal destiny?  The world spouts; “they went to a better place” but we know that without Christ that is not to be. […]

Let All Heaven Rejoice!

Revelation 12  Throughout the centuries wars have been fought, land claimed, peoples subjugated and the trophies displayed. The Jewish nation has faced more anti-Semitism than many other people groups.  Satan is the author of the fiercest pogroms and holocaust deprivation yet unlike other people groups which are lost to history, the Jews have not only […]

Winter’s Scene

Psalm 147:16 “He sends the snow that is white like wool; he spreads the frost that is white like ashes.” Both cover the rooftops and the barren ground that is asleep from its work in summer and lie dormant. Ah, the winter scene! The first snowfall is beautiful but many snowfalls later it becomes drudgery. […]

The Mysterious Scroll

Revelation 10 The Mighty Angelic Being and the Mysterious Scroll Scrolls held private messages from one to another. In chapter 5 John is found weeping but assured that the Lamb of God is worthy to open the seven-sealed scroll. With each seal broken John witnesses more and more of God’s merciful judgments being poured out. […]

In His Perfect Time

Revelation 6  and Gal 4:4  The Sovereignty of God Through the centuries the world has sought to find peace and so in God’s sovereign will He chose to send prophets and teachers and then His very own Son that they may know how to have what the angels proclaimed: peace on earth. Until His perfect […]

The Open Door

Revelation 4  When Jesus walked and talked with the Apostle John and the other 11 disciples he remarked: “I tell you the solemn truth, I am the door for the sheep.” The other disciples have been martyred but John has been spared so that he might write in a book what he sees as commanded […]

“The Prayer of Incense, Advent and Waiting”

Psalm 141:2 & Luke 1 Advent is the “in-between” season as we wait to celebrate the Christ child’s birth.  Thus it was in God’s “in-between” time Zechariah was chosen by lot to offer the prayers for the saints waiting outside the Temple. Like Zechariah, we all must learn to wait on God’s perfect time. Zechariah […]

Pray for Revival

Revelation 3    For several weeks now I have led a wonderful group through the book of Acts in our online Bible Study. In doing so we have seen where Paul has left his footprint. Now the Apostle John, spared from martyrdom, picks up the torch and writes to those churches where Paul preached. He is […]

The Way is Sure…Be Steadfast

Rev 2  Paul wandered through what we know today as Turkey, planting churches. As he was preparing to return to Jerusalem for the feast he prayed over the Ephesian elders on the seashore of Miletus because he knew that in the future fierce wolves would seek to turn their faith away. The Apostle John has […]