Pray for Revival

Revelation 3    For several weeks now I have led a wonderful group through the book of Acts in our online Bible Study. In doing so we have seen where Paul has left his footprint. Now the Apostle John, spared from martyrdom, picks up the torch and writes to those churches where Paul preached. He is writing to remind them of Paul’s message:

Christ lived, was crucified and was raised from the dead.

Christ has tasked John to write letters to each church to encourage them to overcome and be conquerors.  Each church would be a lesson in itself but for today let’s peer over John’s shoulder to see his message to the church in Philadelphia.

Beloved Philadelphian believers, Jesus knows your deeds. He knows that there are some of the Asian Jealous Jews that have infiltrated your midst.  Just as they fought against Paul as he preached, they are seeking to fight against you. Just as they followed Paul from place to place seeking to undermine his work, they are doing it now with you. They deny the Lord and his penalty for their sin. Yet through it all the Holy Spirit put his hedge of protection around Paul and He is now protecting you. Know this; one day these antagonists will acknowledge that Jesus has loved them.

Beloved,  today as we read these words we know this truth: one day they will look on him whom they have pierced. [John 10:37]

Pray for them! Pray for revival of their hearts.

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Beloved, today we need a revival! Pray for not just the jealous Jews BUT for all who have not heard or who have denied His Name. Jesus is coming soon!

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