The Way is Sure…Be Steadfast

Rev 2  Paul wandered through what we know today as Turkey, planting churches. As he was preparing to return to Jerusalem for the feast he prayed over the Ephesian elders on the seashore of Miletus because he knew that in the future fierce wolves would seek to turn their faith away. The Apostle John has been given witness to that very happening some years after Paul’s death. Although steadfastly persisting it was through manmade efforts not the true love of God. We too get caught up in the works of today and fail to return to our first love of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. But not all is lost. Listen to what John writes from the lips of Jesus:

“To the one who conquers, I will permit him to eat from the tree of life that is in the paradise of God.” [Rev 2:7]

Rev the way2

He is holding you in his grasp so you may not fail. He has engraved you upon his palm. Your ‘job’ is to remain faithful and do not give up but hold on. He is walking with you just as he did with those two on the Emmaus road long ago. Do not be not slow of heart to believe, but remain steadfast. His blessing and his magnificent and precious promises are ahead.  He has overcome death’s sting so you could walk victoriously today.  Therefore, be ye steadfast, immovable; your labor will not be in vain.


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