Let All Heaven Rejoice!

Rev 12 let all heaven rejoice (1)Revelation 12  Throughout the centuries wars have been fought, land claimed, peoples subjugated and the trophies displayed. The Jewish nation has faced more anti-Semitism than many other people groups.  Satan is the author of the fiercest pogroms and holocaust deprivation yet unlike other people groups which are lost to history, the Jews have not only survived but thrived. Yet, the powerful aggressive Satan, that has accused all who choose to believe God from Genesis 3:15, will one day meet his demise—but we aren’t there yet in John’s book.

Instead, John reveals to us the ultimate battle scene in heaven between Michael and the Dragon. Michael finally has the permission to throw the Dragon, the Serpent, a.ka. the Devil out of heaven and there is a sigh of relief. But even though there is no longer the presence of the Accuser in heaven, he is reigning on earth seeking whom he can devour and destroy because he is filled with terrible anger.

Between the battle in heaven and the drama unleashed on earth, we join with the Hallelujah chorus praising God for His salvation and power. Let all heaven rejoice!

Fleming Rutledge writes:

“Throughout the Psalms, it is continually repeated: God is the One who saves, the One who is powerful to deliver. God alone can make right what is wrong. God alone can overcome death and the demons.”

[ Advent; The Once & Future Coming of Jesus Christ; William Erdmans Publishing Co. 2018; pg 162]


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