Glitz, Glamour and the Pride of Life

revelation 13 steadfast run raceRevelation 13   Many celebrities have passed from life to death. They were easily recognized having sought fame and fortune and big names in lights. Yes, many achieved that; but did they plan for their eternal destiny?  The world spouts; “they went to a better place” but we know that without Christ that is not to be. They were blinded by the glitz and glamour and the pride of life.

That is why the words of John just scream off the page: “If anyone has an ear, he had better listen!” lest you fail to see the deluding influence of the beast and the dragon’s offer. Like many today, they will be awestruck and ask “Who is like the beast”  Who is able to go to war against them?”  Many will be deceived into thinking that this is the true man of God has arrived.  Have we heard these words before?  Yes, we have, for centuries earlier Antiochus Epiphanes was touted as the same.

Antiochus said follow me or else.

Christ said, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

So where is the encouragement in this entire sad tale? It is this beloved; if we follow Him we will be given the privilege of making disciples for the kingdom and they, in turn, will not be deceived by the beast or dragon. But, there is a qualifier; we must have steadfast endurance and faith as we run the race so we can hear: well done thou good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of the Lord.


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