“Speeches Reveal the Heart”

Job 8 to 10 Job is facing a severe trial, and at his initiative, he has chosen to quarantine from his home and wife. His friends come to visit and sit six feet apart for seven days without a word for the sight of Job in his distress is so severe. Then, one by one, […]

“The Prayer of Incense, Advent and Waiting”

Psalm 141:2 & Luke 1 Advent is the “in-between” season as we wait to celebrate the Christ child’s birth.  Thus it was in God’s “in-between” time Zechariah was chosen by lot to offer the prayers for the saints waiting outside the Temple. Like Zechariah, we all must learn to wait on God’s perfect time. Zechariah […]

 “Witnessing in the Spirit–Part One”

Do your palms begin to sweat, your mind runs amuck when you are faced with “witnessing?” Many find that even though their love for the Master is great, their boldness before others is weak. Fear not, you are not alone! Listen to what Paul says: “I did not come with superior eloquence or wisdom as […]