1Samuel 25:1, Psalm 23:4, Psalm 116:15 Jesus conquered death and the sting of death, [1Cor 15:55-57]yet we still mourn when the death of a loved one occurs. God’s Word records just one verse about the death of Samuel. “Samuel died, and all Israel gathered together and mourned for him and buried him in his house […]

Guilty or Forgiven?

Zechariah 3 “How Do You Stand; Guilty as Charged or Forgiven?” Picture a courtroom scene with the accuser and the defender and you in the middle. You stand before the righteous judge who listens to both sides of the argument. One says you are guilty and provides the evidence. Heads turn and you as the […]

Will you go to Heaven?

Revelation 21: John had reminded the reader to be an overcomer or a conqueror because the reward is beyond description and the loss is irreparable. What do we have to overcome or conquer? It is the sin of the flesh, the eyes and the pride of life. Standing and hearing that it is done, his mind […]