How to Handle Naysayers

Nehemiah 6 Nehemiah, the king’s cupbearer, had been given permission to return to Jerusalem. He knew from being in the king’s presence that day after day, challengers arose. Nehemiah watched stored insights and became astute in how to handle these challengers. What a great learning environment that God had planned for Nehemiah. Have you stopped and thought about how God has placed you where you can learn and hone those skills for the work God planned in eternity past just for you?

Challengers did greet Nehemiah, but he not only had the skills to defuse their arguments, but he knew what the proper answer should be. Nehemiah told them I am engaged in an important work. No arguments, just I am busy doing God’s work! The enemies tried again and again to wear Nehemiah down, even to the point of trying to instill fear. But Nehemiah has seen it all, and he just went to God and laid it out before him. Because Nehemiah was clear in his purpose and knew God was on his side, the wall was completed in just 52 days. Nehemiah then journaled; when they heard this news, they were greatly disheartened. [Nehemiah 6:16] How about you? Can you see how God has worked for you?

Do a character analysis on Nehemiah and glean truths for your life. 

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