What rules you: fear or trust?

Nehemiah 1-5 God’s Answer

Nehemiah is a profile in courage and determination, but before he spoke, he had spent hours in prayer. This shows us his priorities in life. Here was a man who lived in exile, but God had placed him in a prestigious position in the court. He had the eye and ear of the king. He knew what he was up against, and he pounded on the gates of heaven’s court for God to listen and then give him an answer. And God answered, but then we see a wee little verse of how Nehemiah responded to the king’s question: This made me very fearful.

We can pound the gates of heaven, but when they are opened, we might just find that enemy fear lurking at the gates. What do we do? It is much like what Jesus asked Andrew: What do you want? [Jn 1:38] The King asked Nehemiah: “what are you seeking?” [Neh 2:4] We must be ready to give an answer, and Nehemiah was not only prepared mentally but also spiritually. God opened his mind and his mouth to respond. God heard, God answered, and Nehemiah found himself on his way to Jerusalem.

What do want, Chrisitan? Are you preparing for God to answer? Do you let fear rule or trust God? 

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