Recognizing the Risen Christ

As we read this last chapter in Luke we wonder why he did not focus on just the beauty of the resurrection. Dr. Luke is drawing us into these real life scenes that we might relate as to why there are those today who also cannot understand the resurrection and see how God is at […]

Are You Sure of Your Destiny?

“people are appointed to die once, and then to face judgment,”[Heb 9]. Our question is: are you prepared for your entry into eternity? In Luke 23, we are presented with three candidates for us to observe and determine ours. First on our list is Barabbas, an insurrectionist and a murderer. He is incarcerated in a […]

The Villain, God, and Us

In the opening verses of Job, we find the villain Satan in the presence of God as the accuser of the brethren who has been on the prowl looking for someone to devour. [1Pe 5:8] The adversary challenged God that Job’s trials would result in falling and cursing God. But God knew his servant Job, […]

Are You Prepared?

Frank Turek, author of “Stealing from God” wrote:  “the amazing evidence of God’s sovereignty is revealed in how even those who don’t believe in Him call upon Him to remind them of the source that paved the way to their disavowal of belief in His existence.” Skeptics then and skeptics now are those John wrote […]

I Wanna Go Too!

As a parent these words have been heard more often than not when an older sibling gets to go do something but the younger only hears the ‘no.’ Do we think that it is just a parent that has to say ‘no’? Backing up in Luke 8 we find the threefold description of the heart […]

Being Used by God…

Jan 3rd Luke 2 “Being Used by God” A day ago I received a notice: your toll-tag will expire and must be renewed. To not do so will bring consequences. It was much the same many years ago when all of Israel received such a notice from Caesar Augustus for all of the Roman empire […]