“Jehovah-Nissi—God our protector.”

2 Chron 23 In the previous chapter, we met the brave Jehoshabeath. She hid the one remaining person in the royal line when Athaliah went on a rampage to eliminate any who would sit on the throne. For six long years, Jehoshabeath hid the infant king, Joash, but now it was time to unearth her […]

In a Pickle? Seek God’s Advice.

2 Chron 17-19  When in Doubt, seek God’s Advice. Asa may not have been the perfect king, but it seems he did one thing right; he raised a godly son Jehoshaphat, who took his place. Each of us is responsible for following God or not but our parents have much to do with our path. […]

Preparing for your departure

1 Chron 24-26 Today we received yet another note from one of the international staff that they had been tested and it was positive. Will this person weather the corona storm? But, add to that the many that are already near their finish line. One friend’s father is 104 and another is 101. Will they […]