“Which Voice Do You Listen To?”

2 Chron 10 Voices can be misleading, or they can lead to the truth. The Tempter’s voice, along with the world’s influence, can easily lead us astray. We must be “discerning regarding truth and error and listen to the voice of the Spirit. (author’s thoughts Heb 5 & 3)

Solomon’s son Rehoboam was a foolish king who listened not to the Spirit but to men. First, he listened to his father’s former advisors and then to his boyhood friends.  He chose the latter. He forsook wisdom for folly, righteousness for power. God hated that His beloved kingdom would suffer over a foolish decision. Yet the scriptures also say: God was instigating this turn of events so that Ahijah’s prophecy might be fulfilled. Although God prophesied this to happen it also reveals to us the heart of Rehoboam. Like many today, Rehoboam did not seek the counsel of God just like Adam and Eve.

Fast forward to our world today. The Tempter’s voice says separate.  The Tempter says divorce. God says. “I hate divorce.” [Mal 2]

The wisest and most blessed man/woman is the one who listens to the voice of the Spirit speaking the words of God and you cannot hear the voice of the Spirit unless you are Spirit-filled. When faced with a decision, do like Hezekiah; lay the decision before the Lord and He will guide you into all truth. [Ps 25:5; John 16:13]

Have you experienced the indwelling Spirit of God?

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