God’s Holiness and Majesty

2 Chronicles 7 “Something to Think About”

From Genesis to Revelation the fire of God is used as a picture of the holiness and majesty of God. In Genesis, He consumes the cities of abomination. In Exodus He is in the burning bush and yet it was not consumed. In 1Kings He consumed the sacrifice of Elijah, licked up the water but spared the people. In 2Chronicles the sacrifices are consumed and His splendor was revealed. Ezekiel saw the vision of His holiness and majesty and he fell facedown. Try to place yourself in each of these situations and ask yourself, how would I have responded?

Today, God doesn’t reveal his power in fire but what if He did?

When the people saw this manifestation of God they got on their knees to offer praise to God for His holiness and splendor. Have you ever wondered why we don’t do that much anymore? Have you ever wondered if that might change our perspective? Getting on our knees is one picture of submission but as Solomon showed, lifting our hands is another. And then there is Nehemiah who sat and prayed, worked, and prayed.

It is not the outward expression but the expression of the heart that reveals to God how much His splendor impacts us.  

Will you share a time you reverently listened to His Word and then you were filled with such awesomeness at the picture of His holiness that you were overcome?

One thought on “God’s Holiness and Majesty”

  • The night I was saved is my second most precious memory. The first is when God revealed Himself alongside me the whole process through my sister’s pancreatic cancer fight. He showed up with the answers over and over and over. She left this world hearing her daughter and I discussing God’s Sanctification. Precious memories!

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