“Jehovah-Nissi—God our protector.”

2 Chron 23

In the previous chapter, we met the brave Jehoshabeath. She hid the one remaining person in the royal line when Athaliah went on a rampage to eliminate any who would sit on the throne. For six long years, Jehoshabeath hid the infant king, Joash, but now it was time to unearth her secret and place him on the throne. With careful planning, Jehoshabeath’s husband, the priest Jehoiada, pulled off the miracle of the day, and the wicked queen never suspected what was happening right under her nose!

Since Satan wants to be god, he wants to destroy the royal line of Judah. As a believer, you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, and because of that, he wants to destroy you too. Peter wrote: don’t think it strange when a fiery trial is occurring among you. Satan’s tactics haven’t changed since the Garden or in Egypt, or when the baby Jesus was born. Satan has his servants, and as much as he seeks to be successful, our God is greater; He is our Jehovah-Nissi, our protector.  He will use any means to protect His royal line—and that includes you!

Think back on your life and see God’s fingerprints where He has protected you from the adversary. He might allow Satan to test you as He did Job but only so that God can say: do you see my blameless servant?

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