Do not presume ahead of time!

ACTS 25 Paul has certainly had many opportunities to speak for Christ before these Roman puppet leaders and he has remained “cool.” as we say. He has not changed his story but the Jewish leaders heap charge upon charge. They have no evidence and no witnesses, yet they are persistent. That is the way of […]

Questions and Answers

Gen 10-12 God is radical. He asks us to do things that seem so out of character, but we must remember the prophet Isaiah’s words: God’s plans are higher than ours. [Is 55:9]We can only see what is before us, but He can see beyond that to the purposes He has planned. Question: Why would a […]

Saying and Doing are very Different Things!

John 10:22-42, Luke 10-11, Do I “truly” believe that Jesus is the Son of God? A “whoa and loaded” question! The scribes and Pharisees just couldn’t wrap their mind around the works that Jesus did as proof of who He was, and so they came “once again” to test him. Into that scene, we find […]

God’s Most Unlikely Characters

Judges 3:7 to 5 If given the opportunity, who would you like to meet from the pages of history? Would it be Abraham Lincoln, Adoniram Judson, or Deborah and Jael from today’s reading? As we browse the pages of this book, we come face-to-face with Joshua’s challenge of Israel’s men to lead. To a man, […]

How to Honor Authority

Numbers 36 “A Sticky-Wicket Problem or Not? Zelophehad had been a devoted father, but he had no sons, only daughters. We know he was faithful because the daughters eulogized him in chapter twenty-seven; “Our father died in the wilderness, although he was not part of the company of those that gathered themselves together against the […]

The Proof Tests

Numbers 5 &6: Why so much given to the innocence or guilt of the woman and not the man? Is this not one-sided? But to help us see the bigger picture we must recall the warning in Prov 6:34. Men are more prone to retaliation than women. Second, her womb must be preserved; unlike today. […]