Meeting the Needs of others

Mark 2 The Sabbath

God established the Sabbath as a day of rest, but that did not mean that the people were to ignore the needs of others on that day. If these religious leaders really believed that truth, then why did they seek to trap Jesus into healing? Why are their hearts so hard? Why have they not treated this man with the withered hand with kindness? Truly, Jesus asked them is it good to let this man continue on in his suffering when you have the opportunity to help? But, Mark records that they were silent when asked. They were more concerned about their place in society than their place with God. 

Today seek to do good to those who are suffering. Job’s friends came and sat with him for 7 days silently. These Pharisees came and sat in the synagogue silently. The friends of Job had hearts of kindness, but these Pharisees had hearts of stone. The contrast is clear: when the need arises, touch the hearts of those who are needy. 

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